cuboid of length 24cm and volume 768cm^3 the width and hight are not equal.give a pair of possible values for their length.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Possible values of dimensions are (24,16,2) or (24,8,4)Step-by-step explanation:We are given the volume of the Cuboid and length . We are required to find the possible values of width and height from this information. Let us say that the width is x and height is y Length = 24Volume of a cuboid = length * width * height Volume = 768768=24*x*y[tex]xy=\frac{768}{24}\\xy=32\\[/tex]xy=32Now the possible factors of 32 32=1*32 ( Which shall not be taken into consideration as length is already given as 24 and width or height can Β not be more length) 32=2*1632=4*8Hence the possible values width are 8, 16 and that of height 4 and 2 Hence the possible values of dimensions are (24,16,2) or (24,8,4)